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Balurghat Govt. Jr. Basic Training Institute was established in the year 1970 and started functioning from 20th August 1970 vide G.O. No. 659(P) dated 13.08.1970. It is located in Amritakhanda anchal at village Kurmail , PO – Kamarpara on the Chingishpur Road , Dakshin Dinajpur. It is about 11 Kms away from Balurghat Town and surrounded by Bangladesh on the South and East side. It was upgraded to District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) in 2006. The way to the institute from the Balurghat Railway Station about 15 Kms. is filled with lush green paddy fields on both sides of the road during the rainy season and golden yellow harvest in the fall interspersed with cluster of houses along the way. It is easily accessible from the nearest Bus stand (Balurghat Bus Stand) which is approximately 11 Kms. from the Institute.
DIET Dakshin Dinajpur is the only Govt. Teacher Training Institute in the district. Since its inception it has been carrying on the legacy of producing competent and trained teachers.

Our Mission

Our mission should be to cultivate a cadre of highly skilled and compassionate educators
who are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. The institute
must prioritize equipping aspiring teachers with the pedagogical knowledge, innovative
instructional techniques, and a deep understanding of diverse learning styles. Emphasizing
the development of effective communication, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills is
crucial to enable teachers to engage and inspire their students effectively. Additionally, our
mission should underscore the importance of embracing cultural diversity, as India is a
melting pot of varied cultures and languages, fostering a sense of empathy, and instilling a
commitment to lifelong learning. Ultimately, a teacher training institute’s mission should
extend beyond the mere transmission of subject matter expertise, aiming to empower
educators to create meaningful connections with students, nurture a passion for learning,
and contribute positively to the broader educational landscape and development of the

Our Vision

We should envision a transformative and holistic approach to education, reflecting the rich
cultural and linguistic diversity of the region. The vision should prioritize equipping
educators with innovative teaching methodologies that cater to the unique needs of
students in West Bengal, fostering a love for learning and critical thinking. The institute
should strive to cultivate a cadre of teachers who are not only well-versed in the prescribed

curriculum but also possess a deep understanding of local contexts, histories, and socio-
economic dynamics. Emphasizing inclusivity, educators should be adept at creating inclusive

and culturally responsive classrooms. Furthermore, the institute should aspire to be a hub for
research and collaboration, encouraging continuous professional development and staying
abreast of global educational trends to enhance the overall quality of education in West
Bengal. Ultimately, the vision should align with the broader goal of nurturing competent,
compassionate, and culturally aware educators who can contribute effectively to the growth
and development of the region’s educational landscape.


Principal’s Message

Education should be our collective endeavour and responsibility as it is the only tool that will change the demography of our country to an educated, accountable, informed, empathetic and tolerant citizen of the world which is the need of every human civilisation. The first step begins with teacher education who will in turn mould children into morally good human beings who are not only educated and an asset to self and country but also bear testimony to the manifestation that education brings about.

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